Project management needs are unique. So our products can be tailored to provide the unique support that best solves clients’ business problems.


Online PPM Solution


We were able to rapidly deploy Daptiv to our entire team, and immediately realized value in terms of improving our visibility into the project portfolio, understanding the time we’re spending on projects and improving the overall project management process.” — Madeline Kerr, Director PMO, cs.wholesale.grocers_416x416.000


Daptiv makes it simple for organizations to adopt our ppm software by providing solution templates that deliver immediate business value. Here are the solutions Daptiv provides:



IT Governance

Daptiv for IT offers end-to-end IT governance capabilities so IT can be managed as a business. In addition to formulating strategy and monitoring implementation for project portfolio investments, Daptiv for IT also helps manage operational and financial aspects of IT governance. By integrating with application development tools, IT operations tools and ERP systems, organizations can now manage comprehensive IT portfolios and monitor service performance, quality, and cost across the IT ‘lifecycle’.

Program Management Office

Daptiv’s PMO solution enables Project Management Offices to implement a structured approach to managing project portfolios. Pre-built scoring models for analyzing project requests help you control project intake based on business priorities. The PMO solution centralizes project portfolio data for analysis and reporting and automates the capture of project data to minimize errors. Standard re-usable project templates, Dynamic Applications,™ and Work Intelligence™ reports help PMOs create higher quality project plans, and facilitate repeatable best practices.

PPM Software vs. On-demand PPM

Traditional PPM software can take months and a “bus-load” of consultants to install and implement. On-demand delivery, also known as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS), lets Daptiv deliver a better solution, faster to our customers, and earn their continued business over time by making them more successful. 

  • Web-based PPM helps you deploy more quickly. Daptiv customers typically are live and using our service less than one month from signing up.
  • On-demand PPM tools give faster time-to-value. Ease-of- use gets Daptiv’s solution adopted by your organization, so you capture more data in the solution sooner, and get better visibility into the work happening at your company.
  • Cloud PPM is accessible virtually anywhere, anytime. With Daptiv PPM, all you need is a browser! Just log in and get to work…
  • SaaS PPM allows for easy updates. Daptiv gives PPM users seasonal updates so customers always have access to the latest features and functionality, with no reinstallation or re- configuration required.