The needs vary. But all organisations require integrated solutions. By practices – or the numerous points where they intersect.

Project Management

Make project management easy and engaging for Project Managers by engaging them to analyse resources, budgets and timelines. Also, Project Managers can easily measure progress and anticipate resources needs with detailed and easily customizable out-of-the-box reports.

Your organization needs to preserve its competitive advantage, do more with less budget and staff, and cut costs at every opportunity. The “status-quo” is not an option. Organisations in every industry simply need to work smarter and innovate faster. To go beyond survival and actually thrive in these economic times, you need a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tool.

Diversified industries experience including oil & gas, pharmaceutical, insurance, IT, consulting, manufacturing, banks. Telco, shipping, airline, retail and hospital

Program Management and Portfolio Management

Project Management Drives Value

Launching projects and programs through structured planning workshops

Managing projects and programs

Planning and Controlling Megaprojects

Recovering projects and programs

Facilitating risk identification and planning sessions

Value Achievement : The Final Project Phase

Turkey PMO implementations

Turkey PMO Implementations

Unleash the power of the PMO

Role of the PMO in portfolio management

How to implement a business savvy PMO

Impact of PMOs on strategy implementation