It’s an age of relentless, disruptive change for businesses and governments.

Every Fortune 1000 company today is at risk of missing a market opportunity, not securing their enterprise and being disrupted by a new idea or business model. In the Idea Economy, anyone can change the world.

Projects & Programmes

A strategic focus on people isn’t limited to talent management. As the rate of change accelerates to business, so does the role of organisational change management to drive people through the changes brought on by strategic initiatives.

In fact, 69 percent of strategic initiatives are successful at organisational change management, compared with just 41 percent at organisations minimally effective.

Portfolios & Cloud Portfolio Management Software

Daptiv is designed with real organizations and people in mind. We offer comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) functionality, but with the ability to introduce new capabilities when your organization is ready for them. This enables you to realize business value quickly before adding more sophisticated capabilities as your PPM process matures..

Consulting & Outsourcing

Transformation Workshops are unique and practical. They support you to create a smarter, faster, and a more efficient platform for innovation and growth and you will gain insights on the following fundamental questions:

What is your current situation ?

Develop a clear understanding of your business drivers, challenges and ongoing initiatives.

What will your journey look like ?

Identify critical success factors while examining the capabilities and assets that are essential for a successful transformation journey.

What can be achieved in business terms ?

Achieve value through strategy alignment, we’ll identify and provide solutions to your business challenges.

How do you develop an actionable transformation roadmap to drive business outcomes ?

Discuss business cases and ROI models.